Saturday, May 08, 2021

Sexual harassment paid off for Melinda Gates

Here is a 2017 story:
Melinda Gates is adding her voice to the many women across the world speaking out about sexual harassment.

The philanthropist and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation published an op-ed for Time on Monday to weigh in on the sexual harassment women face in Silicon Valley and the workplace in general, and reflecting on the immense power of the two short words that started a movement: "Me Too."

In the op-ed, titled: "'Me Too, Me Too, Me Too' Is Changing the World," Gates discusses the struggles women continually face with regard to sexual harassment, noting that while 2017 has been challenging, it's also been a remarkable time for women speaking up.

"2017 is proving to be a watershed moment for women in the workplace and beyond. Instead of being bullied into retreat or pressured into weary resignation, we are raising our voices — and raising them louder than ever before," she wrote. "What’s more, the world is finally listening."

Gates touched upon her own experiences in speaking with women around the world over the last two decades, and admitted that though the stories differ, the sentiment of each woman remains unchanging.

Her own experience was that she was working for Bill Gates at Microsoft, and became and instant billionaire when he married her. While their divorce announcement sounded neutral, press reports say that she was the one to file the court petition for divorce. She was probably planning it in 2017, and waited for the youngest child to reach age 18.

Update: The WSJ confirms that Melinda has been talking to divorce lawyers since 2019.

Update: If you have any doubt that Melinda is a feminist, see Why Equality Can't Wait where she complains that "there is nowhere on earth where women have achieved true equality, even here at home." Okay, so she is not equal to Bill Gates.

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