Saturday, March 07, 2020

Woody Allen's autobiography is blocked

The NY Times reports:
Hachette Book Group on Friday dropped its plans to publish Woody Allen’s autobiography and said it would return all rights to the author, a day after its employees protested its deal with the filmmaker. ...

The journalist Ronan Farrow, whose book “Catch and Kill” was published by another Hachette imprint, criticized Hachette in an email exchange earlier this week, calling its decision to publish Mr. Allen’s book a betrayal. ...

Mr. Farrow, whose reporting on accusations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men helped touch off the #MeToo movement, is Mr. Allen’s son with the actress Mia Farrow.
Among Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Ronan Farrow, I actually think that Woody is the least creepy.

Ronan claims to be a journalist, but he obviously has no interest telling the public multiple sides to a story, or even considering that someone might be innocent until proven guilty. He appears to have never had a sexual relationship with a woman, and does not seem to understand female attitudes and feelings at all. He makes the man guilty if the female accusation is "credible".

The idea that he would block his own father from telling his life story is just bizarre. He does not appear to have any personal grievance with his father. All of the evidence indicates that Mia made up a nasty accusation against Woody as part of a child custody dispute, and Mia's own kid says the story is completely false. Ronan does not appear to have any direct knowledge about it.

Ronan is half-Jewish, and seems to hate Jews, as some sort of weirdo daddy issue. His nastiest accusations are against Jews.

Woody has his faults, which he admits in his semi-autobiographical movies. He is also an amazingly original movie-maker.

Ronan appears to have inherited a mental illness from Mia. No one should take him seriously.

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