Thursday, March 26, 2020

Site attacks neo-Nazi attitude towards women

I think I found the most misogynistic site on the net. Consider this:
Women do not like soft, pathetic men who treat them as equals. Women like being under the control of strong and dominant men. The feminization of white men, through this program of feminism, is why so many European women have chosen to start dating blacks and Arabs.

They will tell you this themselves.

All women prefer masculine men. The exception is women who are in their late twenties and have lost their sex appeal and single mothers. Those women are simply looking for a man to feed off of, and to control. Many feminist neo-Nazis will actually tell men to marry single mothers, because that fits into their “respect overload” philosophical paradigm.

However, if you are interested in attractive and fertile young women, respecting women harder is not going to get you there. Even if you are uniquely handsome, if you treat women as equals, they will still view you as weak, and exploit and abuse you.

The defining aspect of masculinity is the ability to control a situation. That goes beyond intelligence or physical strength, though it is often represented by one or the other or a combination of the two. There is no place for the gynocentrism of viewing women as sacred in a masculine identity.

Only a weak man is capable of having respect for women. Women are stupid, physically weak, incompetent and utterly amoral. Respecting that sort of a creature is something only a pathetic individual would do.
And this:
Women are Vile and Disgusting

What neo-Nazis don’t understand, due to their lack of sexual experience, is that women are disgusting and savage animals. Their lack of sexual experience should be a virtue, and something they are proud of, as being “sexually accomplished” is still this stupid boomer meme. Instead, these neo-Nazis speak on something they clearly know nothing about. I’m sure some of them have had sex before, in stupid casual situations, or with girlfriends. Some of them may even have been married. But they have never seen the depths of female depravity, which is why they are able to maintain the illusion of female purity.

Here’s the truth about what is considered “good sex” for a woman: every single woman just wants to be slapped and choked during sex. That is what women crave more than anything. That is what she will compliment you on, that is what will make her obsessed with you and keep texting you compulsively afterward. I’ve even heard tell that literal hookers will ask you to choke them, if you’re a muscly and aloof young guy, and they want to use the opportunity of you paying them for sex to act out their own sex fantasies on you in-between business sessions with old men.

You all know that the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy topped the best selling books list for the 2010s, right?
Wow. The site trolls a lot, so I don't know how serious this is. Those Grey books really were the best selling books of the last decade, and they were almost entirely read by women who like to fantasize about being abused by a man. And they were not reading those books for the quality of the writing.

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