Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Jewish professor explains religions differences

The NY Times explains:
I’d say there are two characteristics that set most forms of Judaism apart from Christianity and Islam. First, whereas Christianity and Islam imagine themselves as universal religions, Judaism is usually imagined as a religion for a specific people, for Jews. ...

Second, in comparison to Christianity and Islam, Judaism places less of a stress on belief and more on practice. ... Most Jewish movements are concerned not with what you believe about God, but with how the tradition informs your life: how you pray and celebrate the holidays; how you conduct your family or business affairs; what you eat and so on.
In short, Jews are tribalist and have no spiritual beliefs.

These differences are so huge that it is hard to see what anyone could mean by "Judeo-Christian". The term used to refer to Jews who had converted to Christianity, but is now used as if Jews and Christians believe the same things. They do not.

There are many other large differences as well. I just give these, as they are from a Jewish source. Other differences are apparent from Hollywood movies, or Jewish voting patterns.

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