Sunday, March 29, 2020

Plan to replace the white European race

A Dutch politician said this:
the European Union was setting up ferry services “to transfer immigrants from Africa to Europe, to weaken national identities so that there will be no more nation-states.”
A court just ruled that it was correctly summarized as:
“Thierry Baudet caused a stir in the House of Representatives last week by saying that he thinks the EU has a preconceived plan to replace the white European race with African immigrants,” TV presenter Natalie Righton said a month ago on the Sunday afternoon program “Buitenhof.”
Baudet sued, but:
On Wednesday, the Lelystad-based Central Netherlands Court agreed that although Righton had used three words Baudet had not – “white,” “race,” and “replace” – the sentiment was similar, both to what Baudet said during that debate and also in other statements.
Really? So if someone complaints about transferring in African migrants, that is just the same as complaining about the plan to replace the white European race.

After all, why else would those African migrants be imported, except as part of a plan to replace the White race? This court is essentially saying that is the only reason. Okay, noted.

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