Thursday, March 19, 2020

Why Biden will be the nominee

The NY Times reports:
Mr. Biden is also succeeding even as progressive policies such as single-payer health care, robust action on climate change and student debt cancellation continue to poll high among Democratic voters, drawing majority support in some states.

This disconnect, in which policies are popular but the candidates who advocate them are losing, has frustrated progressive groups.
It is not that complicated. First, Biden has a moderate voting record, but he has now repudiated all those positions in favor of the more "progressive" Democrat positions. He now favors open borders, LGBTQ agenda, letting blacks out of prison, tax-paid abortions, etc.

He is obviously senile, and controlled by party officials and donors. They have told their obedient members to vote for him.

Second, Sanders is a Commie, and was leading the race for the nomination until the Democrat established decided that Trump and Sanders must both be stopped at any cost.

All of a sudden, Jewish publications were all running articles on how Sanders must be stopped. Being Jewish, they know the type when they see it. They described Sanders as an incorrigible Jewish Leftist Commie who cannot be reasoned with. Electing him would be a disaster worse than Trump, they wrote.

So the fix was in. Nobody ever really liked Biden. But the power brokers had to coalesce on someone other than Sanders and Trump, and Biden was the only once available. The low-IQ Democrat voters promptly voted as instructed.

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