Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Jews try to blame the Pope

The London Guardian reports:
Critics of [Pope] Pius XII have accused him of remaining silent during the Holocaust, never publicly condemning the persecution and genocide of Jews and others. His defenders say that he quietly encouraged convents and other Catholic institutions to hide thousands of Jews, and that public criticism of the Nazis would have risked the lives of priests and nuns. ...

More than 150 people have applied to access the archives, although only 60 can be accommodated in the offices at one time. Among the first to view the documents will be representatives of the Jewish community in Rome, and scholars from Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
So Jews are plotting to force the Catholic Church into apologizing, and groveling for approval of another religion.

World War II in Europe was largely a war between the Commies and the Nazis. Neither was friendly to the Catholic Church. The Church had no military power. If the Commies were to win the war, and gain control of Europe, the result would be devastating for the Church.

The Commies were largely Jewish. When they got power in Russia, they sought to exterminate Christianity. And the Commies killed millions of people.

Even today, Jews like Bernie Sanders side with the Commies.

And now a bunch of Jews are complaining that the Pope did not side with the Commies?!

This is pretty crazy for Jews to be trying to dictate what a Catholic Pope should have said about non-Catholics.

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