Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Indian laws against men

A men's rights site complains:
Nine gender-biased Indian laws that are unfair to men
Submitted by arindamp on Sat, 2020-03-07 12:23

There are many more such laws. It is time to change these sexist, anti-men laws and end the discrimination faced by men in Indian society. We need equality and justice for men.

1. The father of the deceased doesn't inherit property, but the mother does.
2. A boy is entitled to maintenance only till he turns 18, whereas a girl is entitled to maintenance till she gets married.
3. Only the man is prosecuted for adultery.
4. If a man has sex on the pretext of marriage and doesn't marry, it amounts to rape.
5. If a guy under 16 years of age has consensual sex with a girl of his age, he's a rapist.
6. If a woman is treated with physical or mental cruelty by her husband and his family, she can throw them behind bars.
7. According to Indian law, a man serves up to 3 years jail or a fine for sexual harassment but what about a woman?
8. Under the Special Marriage Act, only the wife can claim permanent alimony and maintenance.
9. If the death of the woman is caused by burns or bodily injury within 7 years of marriage, it's the husband's fault.
Actually, I don't know if these are unfair or not. I just post these because a lot of people assume that a country like India is misogynistic, and probably unfair to women throughout its laws and culture. Apparently not. It has lots of laws that favor women over men.

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