Monday, December 30, 2019

Whites are now a minority

Pew Research reports :
Nonwhites now account for the majority of the nation’s newborns, as well as the majority of K-12 students in public schools. More than half of newborn babies in the U.S. are racial or ethnic minorities, a threshold first crossed in 2013. Nonwhite students also account for the majority of the nation’s K-12 public school students. As of fall 2018, children from racial and ethnic minority groups were projected to make up 52.9% of public K-12 students.
I am getting tired of people using the term "minority" to refer to non-whites and women. Non-whites are a majority of America today, in the ways that matter the most. Women have always been a majority.

Whites are down to about 30% in California.

This was a result of several anti-white policies. Did you vote for those policies? I didn't.

Mohammad is now the tenth most common name for newborn boys.

The NY Times regularly prints articles bragging about how White America is being destroyed. It was only a fluke that Donald Trump was elected in 2016, and the paper is doing everything in its power to undo the election. About once a week it finds a way to credit Jews with replacing Whites with non-whites. It assures us that Jews are high IQ and high-minded.

Michael Bloomberg has already spent about $150 million in anti-Trump ads.

Jewish Trump-hater Bret Stephens, who was previously an editor at the Jerusalem Post and WSJ, has gotten some blowback for his column on Jewish superiority:
That prompted furious accusations that Stephens was using the same genetics arguments that informed Nazism and white supremacist thinking.

“It’s hard to read this column as expressing anything other than a belief in the genetic and cultural inferiority of non-Ashkenazi Jews; it’s hard to tell if that’s intentional or due to appalling sloppiness, but either way it’s not the sort of thing the Times should be running,” tweeted Tim Marchman, editorial director of Vice.

New York Times contributor Jody Rosen offered on Twitter: “Speaking as both an Ashkenazi Jew and a NYT contributor, I don’t think eugenicists should be op-ed columnists.”

“A Jew endorsing the idea that certain races are inherently superior to other, lesser races, what could possibly go wrong?” asked the journalist Ashley Feinberg on Twitter.

The writer Carrie Courogen posted the phone number to cancel a Times subscription, “citing ‘too many awful Bret Stephens pieces, today’s eugenics propaganda being the final straw’ as why you can ‘no longer in good conscience subscribe’. It was easy & painless & I just did it; you can too.”

Stephens’ latest column is far from his first brush with controversy.

Bedbugs are tiny torturers that ruin lives – no wonder Bret Stephens was upset - Brigid Delaney

In August, he became embroiled in a dispute with a professor who had called him a “bedbug” on Twitter, after it emerged the New York Times had become infested with the insect pest. The spat ended with Stephens cancelling his Twitter account.
It is funny how the Jewish leftists do not say Stephens is wrong. They complain that he is saying something that should not be said publicly.

The racial superiority theory is not the most offensive thing in the Stephens column. We are used to hearing about what great geniuses Freud and Einstein were supposed to be. But Stephens goes on to argue that Israel must be the nation of the Jewish master race, while the United States and the rest of the West ought to systematically replace its White Christian population with non-whites and non-Christians.

There is nothing new about claims of Jewish superiority. Jews have always claimed to be the Chosen People. Judaism has a doctrine called Tikkun olam, which means Jews repairing the world to better suit the Jews. Every claim of anti-Semitism is really just a claim of disrespect for Jewish superiority. The whole effort to impeach Pres. Trump is based on claiming that he is not sufficiently subservient to his Jewish superiors.

Bedbug is a good term for the vermin at the NY Times.

Update: The NY Times has partially retracted the Stephens essay, because it relied on data with politically incorrect origins. That is, the data are correct, but the implications of the data are upsetting to Jewish Leftists.

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