Monday, December 09, 2019

NSF funds science propaganda experiment

The NY Times has a funny science article (unpaywalled and mocked here) on how biology professors have been trying to teach ‘Race is a social construct’ with no scientific merit, but students do not accept that, so they are experimenting with different strategies for manipulating student opinion:
In the pilot study that helped Dr. Donovan secure a research grant from the National Science Foundation, students in eight classrooms exposed to a rudimentary version of the curriculum were less likely than others to endorse statements suggesting that racial groups have defining qualities that are determined by genes. The new study will measure the curriculum’s effect on such attitudes by asking students to fill out surveys before and after the unit.
Wait, it is fact that "racial groups have defining qualities that are determined by genes". If you don't believe it, get a DNA test at or 32AndMe, and it will uses your genes to define your racial group.

This study is an indoctrination experiment. Instead of just teaching what is true, they are experimenting with curricula to find the one that best induces the students to believe leftist falsehoods about race.

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