Saturday, December 14, 2019

IG Report is devastating to Dem Trump-haters

The most amazing thing about all these Donald Trump investigations is not that Trump has turned out to be innocent. It is that the Democrats are guilty of far worse abuses of power than even what they accuse Trump of.

See this essay:
The FBI did not conduct an investigation of Donald Trump and his associates that ultimately proved to be based on false information and continue that investigation long past the time it should have been shut down simply because some people made some errors in judgment or some procedures need to be changed. That investigation was simply the most visible piece of a deliberate, covert attempt to overthrow the democratic process. The perpetrators of that crime have yet to be brought to justice and identified. Let’s hope that happens soon.
In particular, it appears that they knew Carter Page was a CIA agent, and concealed that from the FISA court in order to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

They were investigating Manafort for being a Russian agent at the time Trump hired him to run the campaign, but they never told Trump. (I don't think it was ever shown he was a Russian agent, but Ukraine hated him and released info that sent him to prison for tax evasion.)

I haven't followed this closely, but everything I see shows that the Deep State tried to frame Donald Trump, but only exposed themselves as a bunch of partisan crooks.

The Gateway Pundit reports:
In January 2017, before Barack Obama left office, Senator Elizabeth Warren sent the Democrat president a letter requesting a pardon for Ethel Rosenberg.
A copy of the letter is shown.

Again, it is baffling to me that Dems would want to reopen an issue like this. Warren was already planning to run for President, so presumably she thought that this would get her some campaign donations, or something like that. Rosenberg and her husband were famous spies who gave the Soviet our atomic bomb secrets.

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