Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Trump was exonerated for bribery

A bunch of lawyers have posted a list of crimes for which Pres. Trump should be impeached, in their opinions. It is notable because it is led by the Jew who wrote much of the Mueller report. I did not try to check how many of them are Jews, but it is all Jewish leftist thinking.

The charges are Campaign Finance Law, Bribery, Honest Services Fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Hatch Act, Contempt of Congress, Impoundment Act (non-criminal law).

Some of these are just laughable. But the fact remains that the House Dems considered all of these, and exonerated Trump on them. The more these articles get written, the more obvious it is that Trump has enemies that will say and do anything to remove him from office.

Update: Listening to the impeachment debate, the Dems' case depends on these premises:
Russia is an enemy of the USA.
America vitally needs to send guns to Ukraine to kill Russians.
Exposing Bidens' corruption is solely beneficial to Trump personally.
Trump's intentions can be deduced from third-hand testimony.
The President ought to be subservient to Deep State policy objectives.
I reject all of these. I don't want to revive the Cold War, or to admit Ukraine into NATO. We all need to know about Biden corruption. It can never be a crime to ask for information.

This is a Jew coup, and it has clarified the partisan divide in this nation. The Republicans are united behind Trump as never before. The Democrat Party has become the hate-Trump party.

And why do the Dems hate Trump? It is hard to believe that any of them really care about the timetable for delivery of weapons to Ukraine, or about defending what the Bidens have done.

No, it is because they seek to destroy traditional White Christian America, and Trump stands in their way.

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MikeAdamson said...

The President's letter to the Speaker was actually authored by a Jew. Where does this fact fit into your scenario?