Thursday, December 12, 2019

Black Hebrew Israelites attacked

Most allegations of anti-semitism have turned out to be Jewish hoaxes, but this story has an odd twist.

NBC News reports:
The two people who stormed a kosher grocery store in Jersey City with rifles, killing three people inside and also murdering a veteran detective, have been identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham, four law enforcement sources familiar with the case tell News 4.

A senior law enforcement official says the attack is now being investigated as a possible hate crime.
Who Are Jersey City Shootout Suspects?

Three sources say Anderson was a one-time follower of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a group whose members believe they are descendants of the ancient Israelites and may adhere to both Christian and Judaic beliefs.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Hebrew Israelites a black supremacist group. Some sects within the movement are known for their fierce condemnations of white and Jewish people.
I never heard of this group. The media will have a hard time blaming this on White supremacists.

In other black news:
'Black girl magic': Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA titles are ALL won by black women in the same year for the first time ever

Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa, 26, was crowned Miss Universe 2019
She joins Miss America Nia Franklin, Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, and Miss Teen USA Kaliegh Garris, all of whom are black women
It is the first time all four pageants have had black women as their title holders at the same time
People online praised the moment, expressing how they 'look like' the winners
I guess it means that black women online praised the moment. White people are too busy praising Greta Thunberg for being TIME Man of the Year.

Today's NY Times editorial tries to blame white nationalists for anti-semitism:
Charlottesville, Va., rang out with cries of “Jews will not replace us!” one year before. ...

On Tuesday, two gunmen, including one said to have published anti-Semitic posts and to have been a follower of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, which is hostile to Jews, killed four people in a rampage in Jersey City that appears to have targeted a kosher market. ...

Whatever its intent, B.D.S. has helped to create a hostile environment for Jewish students, most of whom support Israel. ...

The threads tying much of the anti-Semitic violence to white nationalist ideology are impossible to ignore. Those seams grew ever clearer in Charlottesville, at “Unite the Right,” ... When white nationalist Richard Spencer was interviewed about the role of anti-Semitism at the rally days later, he said Jews are overrepresented on the left
This is deranged Jewish thinking. The Black Hebrew Israelites are not white nationalists. Neither are the BDS proponents, as they are all extreme leftists.

I guess Spencer is a white nationalist, but he is just a guy expressing opinions, and it is an objective fact that "Jews are overrepresented on the left".

Note that the NY Times complains again about the slogan “Jews will not replace us!”. I am guessing that about 200 NY Times articles have complained about this slogan. Its complaint is that Jews should have the authority to replace Whites with non-whites. The paper publishes about ten articles a week that promote, in one way or another, replacing Whites with non-whites.

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