Friday, December 06, 2002

It is still annoyingly difficult to set up computer networks. I just tried setting up a wireless access point to be used in conjunction with Microsoft Windows internet connection sharing. The idea is that if one machine has access to the internet, then it can extend that access to other machines using an ethernet cable or wireless WiFi connection. But I tried D-Link and NetGear products, and they don't make it easy. One problem is that Microsoft wants to use IP address and assign addresses of the form 192.168.0.X to local machines on a network. But the routers want to do the same thing! Zillions of IP addresses would work just fine, but they fight for the same one. It seems to me that if either Microsoft or the routers were flexible enough automatically use another IP address if there is a conflict, then there would be no problem. But I have to manually try to persuade these products to use another IP address and not dictate an IP address to everyone else.

While I am griping about electronic products, I just bought a pair of $20 Sony earphones (MDR-ED228LP). The package listed specifications on impedance, frequency response, etc, and then said, "Design and specifications are subject to change without notice." So does the product match the specs or not? Do they really think that this disclaimer allows them to sell a completely different product in the package? Why print specs if there is no promise that they apply to the product?

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