Sunday, December 15, 2002

Al Gore is out, but I think he is just lying low and waiting for other Democratic candidates to screw up. Gore's poll numbers are terrible, so he has very little choice for now. He said that his candidacy would focus attention on the past, and he's right. A lot of voters would view it as a rematch of the 2000 election, and vote based on whether Bush stole the election. But I think that issue is a loser for Gore. A lot more people will think that Gore tried to steal the election.

Andy thinks that Lieberman is the front-runner. He may not hold up to scrutiny. Lieberman thinks that it is against his religion to work on Saturday. Don't we want a full-time president? What if a presidential decision has to be made on Saturday? If Lieberman and the others wash out, Gore will be back.

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