Saturday, December 14, 2002

I just watched the Steven Spielburg mini-series finale Taken. It has all the usual silly alien cliches -- crash at Roswell, flying saucers, skinny hairless 3-fingered bug-eyed space aliens, bright lights, shape-shifters, ESP, telekinesis, abductions, hypnosis, breeding experiments, military coverups, evil govt personnel, transmitting brain implants, etc. In the end, a blond 9-year-old part-alien girl is smarter than the adults.

The space aliens were only interested in white people, it seemed. There were a bunch of black people in the show, but they were all dumb soldiers. One of the blacks was a general, but he was also pretty stupid. They are easily manipulated by the evil white people, and they keep trying to kidnap the part-alien kid even tho the aliens are protecting her. The one likable soldier is white.

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