Thursday, December 12, 2002

The Dilbert newsletter reports these quotes:
"I may not be the brightest light in...the...light drawer!"
"The ball is in the other person's lap."
"That report reads like a bleached whale."
"That really burns my goat!"
"He had the eyes of a bat."
"A little hindsight is forethought."
"I don't feel like the sharpest button on the beach today."
"I just got my car fixed and it's runnin' like a dime."
"I won't cow-tail to anyone."
"She exaggerates EVERYTHING."
"That's going to be the gravy on the cake!"
"The Albatross of Damocles is hanging over your neck."
"There's more than one way to lick a cat."
"They've dumped you in the briar patch and told you to sink or swim."
"We have to make sure we're all swimming on the same page."
"We've got a cash cow that's turning into a dog that needs milking."

There are also some amusing stories.

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