Sunday, December 08, 2002

I just heard Michelle Malkin on C-SPAN plugging her new book Invasion, on illegal immigrants. She mentioned a number of immigration-related scandals, including the H-1B program. She was very persuasive. She said Rob Sanchez has compiled a database of H-1B applications, and shown how the program is abused.

This site uses Sanchez's database to uncover this story. CEO Susan deFife is a poster woman for the industry H-1B lobbyists, and said in her testimony to the Senate in October 1999:
Last year, we spent months recruiting for a systems administrator who has the critical role of ensuring our content is presented correctly and on time to our audience. We were fortunate to eventually find Noemi Nieto-Mendieta, a young woman from Mexico who was finishing coursework at a local university. (Noemi is with me today.)

It turns out that this hot-shot computer operator is only being paid $35k/yr! There are millions of Americans who can do that job, but they want to get paid more than $35k. The idea that these H-1B workers are filling a labor shortage is nonsense. The companying are lying so that they can get cheaper labor.

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