Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Dean Dwyer at U Cal law school just resigned because of a complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior several years ago. The complaint came from one anonymous student in her mid-20s who apparently invited the Dean into her apartment after some late-night drinking, and later regretted it. The purpose of her complaint was to sabotage the Dean's career.

California is temporarily abolishing the statute of limitations on molestation so that people can sue the Catholic Church for allegations about events that happened 30 years ago.

I don't agree with ruining people based on allegations that are impossible to verify. If someone has a complaint about private sexual behavior, she should have to make the complaint right away. A 25-year-old law student should know what she is doing. If she is not willing to go public with her accusations and evidence in a timely way, then she should be ignored.

Meanwhile, Berkeley has a mayor (Tom Bates) who has admitted stealing 100s of newspapers just before last month's election for the purpose of preventing voters from reading an endorsement of his opponent.

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