Sunday, December 03, 2023

Trump will Win, so call him Hitler

Robert Kagan writes in the Wash. Post:
Let’s stop the wishful thinking and face the stark reality: There is a clear path to dictatorship in the United States, and it is getting shorter every day. In 13 weeks, Donald Trump will have locked up the Republican nomination. ...

But Trump will not only dominate his party. He will again become the central focus of everyone’s attention. Even today, the news media can scarcely resist following Trump’s every word and action. ...

Trump also enjoys another advantage. The national mood less than a year before the election is one of bipartisan disgust with the political system in general. Rarely in American history has democracy’s inherent messiness been more striking. In Weimar Germany, Hitler and other agitators benefited from the squabbling of the democratic parties, right and left, the endless fights over the budget, the logjams in the legislature, the fragile and fractious coalitions. ...

The Trump administration will be filled with people who will not need explicit instruction from Trump, any more than Hitler’s local gauleiters needed instruction. In such circumstances, people “work toward the Führer,” which is to say, they anticipate his desires and seek favor through acts they think will make him happy, thereby enhancing their own influence and power in the process. ...

[ Alexandra Petri: I’m starting to think Donald Trump is sounding like Hitler on purpose ]

Okay, I get it. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler.

Kagan is a famous Jewish neo-conservative Trump-hater warmonger, married to another famouse Jewish neo-conservative Trump-hater warmonger.

The Wash. Post readers are mostly leftists, but the comments are overwhelmingly negative.

I post this to give an example of Jewish insider Washington thinking.

The article goes on to say that the public is convinced that Trump was a much better President than Biden, and Biden has so many failures that is it hard to make the case for him. He suggests doing anything possible to stop Trump, such as the bogus prosecutions and lawsuits, but those have not been effective.

Besides the Hitler theme, the article repeats a democracy theme. That is, it is somehow anti-democracy if the public is allowed to make a popular choice for President.

Until the recent Israel disputes over courts and Gaza, I thought that Jews were pro-democracy. Nope. Jews are fundamentally opposed to Americanism.

What is missing from the article is any explanation of why he and other Jews hate Trump so much. It is not that he was a lousy President, or that his policies were somehow bad for Jews or Israel. Nope. That requires explaining some unpopular Jewish views.

Here is a typical anti-Trump comment, on a Trump-siter site:

Trump is a liar and a bully and a horrible person. ...

One of the worst parts about a Trump return would be the response on the left. I remember the summer of 2020 wondering how we would get kids back in school, ventilation, etc. Then in early July Trump threatened that schools had to reopen. That was that, the left had to be against it because Trump was for it. I so wish he had just shut up, but we all know he won’t or can’t.

Trump was good on the policies you mentioned, as well as ...

So his policies were good, but he is unacceptable because he triggers the Jewish Left.

If you are thinking about living under Jewish rule, look at some aerial maps of Gaza.

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CFT said...

I'm beginning to suspect that Democrats are actually self realized cinematic vampires as they have no ability whatsoever to self reflect. They almost literally can not see themselves or what they do.

Those blind to their own actions and thoughts are not capable of understanding other people.

As to the whole 'Hitler' ad nauseam argument, I am highly amused ANY Jew would use it, considering how comfortable many Jews are with Biden using the state to control the social media and manipulate opinion through propaganda and coercion. I would have thought the legacy of Joseph Goebbels would have left a bad taste in their mouths, not make them salivate for more.