Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Liz Cheney is Nuts, wants Revenge

Liz Cheney is a Trump-hater and former congressman, and she is out pushing a book on how she hates Trump so much. I watched an interview, and here is what I got.

She voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and think that he was one of our best Presidents. She voted for his policies.

Now she says that Trump should have conceded the 2020 election several hours before he actually did. For that, Trump has become the great Satan to her.

This is nuts. She blames Trump for getting voted out of office, and she wants revenge. Pay no attention to her.

Her biggest claim to fame was being the stooge on the House J6 Committee. That committee could have given us the facts, by releasing the surveillance tapes, or allowed contrary opinion. It did not. it was all Democrat propaganda. She was extremely dishonest.

I often read the rants of these Trump-haters to see if they have anything substantive to say. They never do. The more of I hear of these people, the more I think that they should have nothing to do with governing.

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CFT said...

I find it decidedly odd that good 'ol Liz is so down on mean 'ol Donald... considering who her father is and what he did while in office as Vice President. We have our present police state which spies on all Americans large in part due to the machinations of one Dick Cheney.

The woman is a piece of work with her hypocrisy, and should try to peddle her gaslighting somewhere else.