Monday, December 25, 2023

Against Consent

Who decided web browser cookies require user consent? It is a stupid European privacy law.

This is example of the foolish of informed consent. And of the European legal system.

Apparently lawmakers believe that an abuse of your rights is okay as long as you are informed, and you consent. So now you have to click a box for every web site.

But it is not really informed, or consent. No one who clicks that box understands what cookies he is accepting, or how he is being tracked. That is concealed. Nor is he really consenting. He is just clicking to get rid of the box.

There are many other examples. User terms and conditions. One-sided contracts offered by businesses. Etc. There nearly always conceal what is really going on, and offer no real choice for you to consent.

The sex crime lobby has also attempt to redefine the word "consent". They have convoluted and unworkable definitions. No, I do not see how anyone could abide with how they think things should be done.

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