Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Chaos follows Trump because He is Right

I said that Nikki Haley is the worst candidate, and here is more confirmation.

Mark Hemingway writes:

During a speech in South Carolina late last month, Haley trotted out a rather interesting line of attack against Trump: “And the truth of it all — and this is another hard truth — I believe President Trump was the right president at the right time. I was proud to serve America in his administration, and I agree with a lot of his policies. But the truth is, rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him. You know I’m right. Chaos follows him. We have too much division in this country and too many threats around the world to be sitting in chaos once again.” These were not tossed-off remarks. ... Haley has been road-testing some variation of the “chaos” line since October, and it appears it’s a regular part of her stump speech.
I hear other Trump-haters says something similar. They have no quarrel with Trump's Presidency, except that he is divisive, and therefore unacceptable.

It is like saying Jesus was divisive for expelling the money changers from the Temple.

DeSantis and Ramaswamy have at least campaigned in a way that acknowledges this basic reality: For a lot of voters, the number one issue facing the country is the fact that American democracy is being held hostage by a broad array of forces that will use violence and information warfare, in addition to every hidden lever of administrative, legal, and cultural power to punish Americans if they vote for someone they don’t like. Never mind that even mild populist and rhetorical pushback on issues such as interventionist foreign policy or deliberate toleration of mass illegal immigration is cause for punitive measures.
That's right. Anyone would be called divisive and chaotic, if he oppose the groupthink leftists who are selling out the USA.

Haley is like someone saying: I want someone to limit immigration, but not someone who is called a racist. That is nonsense, because anyone who wants to limit immigration will be called a racist.

The article recites what everyone knows -- that the chaos and accusations against Trump are almost entirely false, and based on authoritarian leftists out to destroy the USA.


MikeAdamson said...

Chaos follows Trump because he is a narcissistic grifter who has no business being in public office. Anyone who honestly examines his history, both before and in office, can come to no other conclusion.

CFT said...

In short, You are lazy as frack and full of horse pucky.
'anyone who HONESTLY examines history' my ass. What history would that be? Your personal Fan-fiction of the universe part IIV?

Please dearly informed person, please show us the comparison and contrast with which selfless left leaning politician (who isn't also a narcissist) who meets your criteria as fit for being in public office?:

Bill 'I didn't have sex with her' Clinton? Nope.
Hillary 'deplorable and high on amphetaimines' Clinton perhaps? Nope.
Al 'the groper' Bore? Not a chance.
John 'I wanna purple heart' Kerry? Hah.
Barry 'you didn't build that' Obama? Please... the selfie president himself? No.
For laughs... Michelle 'don't eat that' Obama? She's worse than he is.
Nancy 'botox' Pelosi? First mafia princess of Baltimore? Noperreeno.
AOC the brilliant but strangely dimwitted bartender? Ummm, just no.
Joe 'I can't remember my way off stage' Biden? Sigh...just no.
Chuck 'crocodile tears' Schumer? He's about as genuine as day-glow press on nails.
RFK? Well... he might be ok.. but he isn't even really a democrat ballot anymore by today's standards.

Mike, with your criteria of what is fit for office, you basically have eliminated any significant democrat who is even known by name from ever even trying to consider running. Yet it somehow didn't stop many of them from trying anyway.

If you are going to criticize Trump, try finding something that not every politician does, besides 'EEEeww, he has a R after his name'.