Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Harvard being ruined by White-haters

USA Today reports:
Their performance caused widespread outrage from their campuses, donors, the public and Democrats and Republicans alike.

And reaction has been swift. Magill resigned over the weekend, under intense pressure. She had tried to do damage control, but it didn’t help.

Claudine Gay of Harvard and Sally Kornbluth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also have been strongly criticized for their responses at the hearing. Gay, at least, will keep her job for now. ...

The university presidents’ sudden discovery of free speech rings hollow. Harvard ranks "dead last" out of 248 schools in the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression’s (FIRE) survey of college free speech rankings. Penn is second worst.

Students at Harvard undergo training that "fatphobia" and "cisheterosexism" are violence. Using someone’s wrong pronouns is abuse. Any words lowering a person’s self-worth are abusive. Speakers are disinvited for having the “wrong” opinions on gender issues or other topics. Conservative students are denied admission for "offensive" social media posts made years before.

Harvard hired Gay because she is a Black woman in African-American Studies. She is incompetent, and her scholarship is garbage.

Most of the elite colleges now have incompetent women presidents. They all repeated the same legalistic excuses at the hearing because they had all been coached by the same law firm.

A college president making $500k+ should be able to explain university policies without being coached by a law firm.

These colleges do not have diversity. No Trump supporters are allowed. They are systematically anti-white, anti-male, and anti-Christian.

The Jews are discovering that they made a deal with the devil when they brought in all these white-haters.

I happen to think that colleges should have enough free speech to allow denying the Jewish Holocaust, siding with Palestinian Arabs, and pointing out the extent and consequences of Jewish power and influence.

I mostly agree with Harvard professor, and Jewish Atheist, Steve Pinker:

The fury was white-hot. Harvard is now the place where using the wrong pronoun is a hanging offense but calling for another Holocaust depends on context. [President Claudine] Gay was excoriated not only by conservative politicians but by liberal alumni, donors, and faculty, by pundits across the spectrum, even by a White House spokesperson and by the second gentleman of the United States. ...

The real problem with Gay’s testimony was that she could not clearly and credibly invoke those principles because they either have never been explicitly adopted by Harvard or they have been flagrantly flouted in the past (as Stefanik was quick to point out). Harvard has persecuted scholars who said there are two sexes, or who signed an amicus brief taking the conservative side in a Supreme Court deliberation. It has retracted acceptances from students who were outed by jealous peers for having used racist trash talk on social media when they were teens. Harvard’s subzero FIRE rating reveals many other punishments of politically incorrect peccadillos. ...

A fivefold way of free speech, institutional neutrality, nonviolence, viewpoint diversity, and DEI disempowerment will not be a quick fix for universities.

His colleague says:
Harvard would certainly be “fixed” if these plans were implemented, but the chance they will be is nil.
Harvard and the other elite colleges are getting worse.

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CFT said...

How does the saying go, 'The fish rots from the head down.'

Civilizations don't fall because of what the little guy at the bottom of the pecking order is doing.
They fall because those who have been granted vast power and resources to shepherd their societies have failed spectacularly, usually due to their hubris and/or incompetence.