Saturday, September 02, 2023

Jews Attack Musk and Twitter

The Jewish magazine Forward reports:
An anti-ADL campaign is erupting on Twitter and Elon Musk endorsed it

More than 89,000 of #BantheADL posts flooded Twitter as part of an ongoing effort by the far right to defame the organization

Not sure what is going on here. Twitter does not have free speech, and has mostly carried out the wishes of Jews at the ADL. The Groypers are banned, at the request of the ADL.

ADL stands for "anti-defamation", but all they do is defame people.

Some say that Musk was driven to buy Twitter because he sent his son to a fancy private school, and they turned him into a tranny communist who no longer talks to him. Maybe Musk is figuring out that the ADL is ruining Twitter also.

The article goes on to explain ADL preoccupation with a 1913 murder case.

Frank, a Jewish factory manager in Atlanta, was convicted of raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl who worked for him. After the governor commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison, Frank was dragged from his prison cell in Marietta and lynched by a mob.

The state’s failure to protect Frank while in custody led Georgia to posthumously pardon him in 1986. The pardon did not exonerate him, but contemporary experts who’ve examined the case believe a factory janitor committed the crime. ...

The ADL was founded the year Frank was convicted

The Black janitor probably did commit the crime, and framed Frank. Wikipedia editors insist on saying that Frank was "wrongfully convicted". Maybe so, but if you google the case, you will find sites with lots of authentic with evidence of Frank's guilt that convinced many people. There is certainly no consensus that Frank was innocent.

A Wikipedia reader may think it very strange that the article says Frank was wrongfully convicted, when 90% of the sources do not say that. Obviously there is a faction of editors with an axe to grind. The ADL has a big investment in promoting a myth that Frank was a victim of anti-semitism.

Much of today's Left insist that everyone accept facts, once a consensus of experts agree on them. This applies to global warming, wearing covid masks, getting vaccines, the 2020 election, Ukraine war, etc.

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