Sunday, September 17, 2023

Accept this, and you will accept anything

Snake Baker writes:
It hardly even seems real that they are just going around cutting the tits off of teenage girls. Like, it’s still hard to process that this is happening.

As Andrew Anglin has said many times, this tranny stuff is the worst possible thing that any government could ever do. Therefore, once people have accepted this, there is not a single thing they won’t accept. Once you say “yeah, it’s a good idea to chop teenage girls’ tits off,” there is no single thing you can look at and say, “now, this seems unreasonable.”

You’ve destroyed the possibility of anything being unreasonable, ever.

This is why this issue is so important to the government/media. They know that once everyone has been forced to accept it, the game is over, and no one will ever protest anything the government does ever again.

Washington Times:

A Nebraska woman who had her breasts removed at 16 has sued University of Nebraska Medical Center doctors for malpractice, saying she and her parents were manipulated into gender-transition medical treatments that “robbed her of her womanhood.”

Luka Hein, 21, said she underwent a double mastectomy in 2018 after just two counseling sessions as part of a “gender-affirming care” process without being fully informed of the risks in violation of the Nebraska Consumer Protection Act.

I do not believe that more than about 1% of the population sincerely believes in this tranny stuff. And yet it is being forced on everyone. Why? I am not sure I accept The above argument, but I do believe that they are deliberately sacrificing teenaged girls in order to promote social change.

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CFT said...

Since global warming became an academic purity test and the psyops of Covid became a norm, I have had to seriously look at what we call the scientific and medical communities.

As individuals, there are some remarkably fine people who pursue the quest to scientific truth and medicine, but these are exceptional outliers now, usually protected in some way from outright professional retribution.

As a group, the scientific/medical community are utter cowards and ethically bankrupt. They toil as indentured prisoners under their own hierarchical groupthink, simply too afraid and terrified that all their expensive toys, wealth, and prestige will be taken from them, far more than their fear of being caught peddling bullshit on behest of leftest political pressure.

Simply, They have sold us out to the corporate and governmental authorities that rule them, and then pretend otherwise indignantly. Science and Medicine are now nothing more than the prison bitch of money and power.