Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Jews are Grooming Young Schoolkids to be LBGTQIA+

As mentioned, here is new California law:
The California State Assembly passed legislation Friday that would require judges in child custody cases to consider whether a parent has affirmed a child’s belief that they are transgender.

AB 957 originally proposed that courts deciding custody cases must consider whether each parent were gender-affirming of the child in question. An amendment in June added to the state’s standard of what constitutes parental responsibility for child welfare, requiring that parents must be affirming of a child’s gender identity if they are to be judged fit for providing for "the health, safety, and welfare of the child" in a court of law.

The bill was sponsored by a homosexual Jew and a fat Black woman.

In case you don't believe that this is part of the Jewish agenda, consider this notice from the Boston Jewish Community Center:

Fostering Belonging. Join us for a virtual panel that bring together parents of LGBTQIA+ youth and dedicated educators, all passionate about supporting LGBTQIA+ and gender expansive students in elementary school.
That's right, they are grooming elementary school kids to become queers and trannies.

Perhaps you think that it is impossible for them to turn kids into queers. Then why are they trying so hard? Why are they so adamant about using the schools for indoctrination?

Some are resisting:

The Orange Unified School District became the latest district in California to approve a transgender notification policy following a packed meeting that grew heated at times Thursday night.

The policy requires the school to notify parents when their children under the age of 12 request to use different names or pronouns than what is on their birth certificate.

Prior to the meeting, school board members said they received an email from California Attorney General Rob Bonta threatening to take action to protect student civil rights. Meanwhile, students and their families anxiously awaited the fate of the proposed policy.

California sued another district for doing this.

Update: In a surprise move, California Gov. Newsom vetoed the tranny child custody law.

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CFT said...

Oh dear Lord.

"The policy requires the school to notify parents when their children under the age of 12 request to use different names or pronouns than what is on their birth certificate."

This is considered controversial and draconian by leftist loonies?

UNDER THE AGE OF 12? Are you kidding me. Children are children and a parents LEGAL responsibility until the age of 18 except under very specific conditions. I would ever press, that if a child or young adult is going to school on someone else's money, such as the parent, the person who pays SHOULD be legally entitled to what that dependent, child, or young adult is doing, both academically, and psychologically or medically should there be concern (This is really no different than an investor wanting to know what the hell is going on with their investment).

I know of many examples of young children going off to private school or college and basically doing whatever the hell they want unsupervised, to their own very apparent detriment, and the school just sat back and 'empowered' them into oblivion, often keeping the parents even unaware their child was failing school.

To hell with this "I can do wudda I want" Eric Carteman garbage.