Saturday, September 09, 2023

New California Law Mandates Transgenderism

mentioned previously that california was passing a bill taking kids away from parents for not affirming transgenderism. The bill has now passed, and is waiting for the governor's signature.

Previous California laws drew the attention of fact-checkers who denied that the bill was so radical. So now California passed a more radical bill.

It is hard to say exactly how radical this is, because California law already gave judges the discretion to make child custody decision on just about anything they want. This just adds transgenderism to the list. And soon parents will lose their kids for not going along with perverted sex treatments.

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CFT said...

The whole transgenderism train is going off the rails, and is going to jump the shark too pretty soon. I wonder what folks who trumpeted it's cause so loudly will say when the fickle winds of progressivism shift to the next reason d'etre. I'm already looking forward to hearing how the left will walk back brainwashing then castrating children against the parents will. That will be a hard act to one up.

A lie never lives to be old.
- Sophocles