Monday, September 18, 2023

The Misogyny Myth

Former NY Times columnist John Tierney writes:
Women aren’t discriminated against in twenty-first-century America—but men increasingly are. ...

There is overwhelming evidence of conscious, blatant, and widespread discrimination against boys and men in modern societies.

He mentions that there have been studies where sex info was removed from applications for jobs and promotions, and they show preferences for women. That is, women do worse of the applications are sex-blind.

These studies are ignored, and scholars dishonestly say the opposite. Some falsely claim that women do better in orchestra auditions if they are blind. Actually they do worse.

The article has a lot of facts. Too much to summarize.

I have posted about how systemic racism is all a big hoax. Nearly all of the racial discrimination is in favor of non-whites. Likewise nearly all of the sex discrimination is in favor of girls and women. All this should be obvious. Just look around.

Here is the most misogynist rant I have seen in a long time:

Women do not have beliefs because they do not have convictions. They are not compelled in the way that men are compelled. Therefore, politics are impossible for them to understand or care about, as at least real politics relate to convictions. Most women who talk about politics, you will note, are only interested in issues that directly affect their personal lives, such as abortion, or which provide a platform for them to draw attention to themselves and signal their high morality by siding with the establishment (BLM, immigration, gun control, etc.). There are some women who go into conservative politics because they realize they can do the same thing – draw attention to themselves. ...

Women are not aware that other people exist, really. To every woman, the world revolves around her. Everything that happens only happens in relation to her and her feelings. ...

What we have seen in Western society is a feminization of men, where men prefer the feminine virtues of safety, comfort, and conformity. However, when men do accept these feminine values, and take on this role of choosing wealth over truth, they appear to be aware that they are doing this, and seem to have guilt over it when they are forced to acknowledge what they’ve done. Women do not have guilt over anything internal, as they are incapable of imagining that it is possible for them to do anything wrong. They do not appear to believe that they have control over their own behavior, and instead view their lives simply as a series of things being done to them by others. They cannot comprehend personal responsibility, let alone something much more abstract, such as honor or aspiration.

From my observation, a big part of the reason that so many men have such an inaccurate perception of women is that they are (probably subconsciously) basing their understanding of women in part on female characters in entertainment media. These female characters in media are almost always written by men, and men project things onto them. I tell men to think of a single situation in their life where:

  • A woman has offered interesting conversation, or
  • A woman has shown remorse (or taken responsibility) for anything she’s done wrong.
We all know a lot of women, and none of us has ever experienced those things. Sometimes, a woman will say something interesting, and then you’ll try to develop that through conversation, and she will be incapable of doing so. Then, later, you find out she had previously been dating some interesting man, and so she’d picked up on some interesting thing he’d said and repeated it to you. ...

All of this makes women totally incapable of actually understanding politics, philosophy, or anything that involves a moral imperative. It also makes it obvious why the elite are comfortable with men becoming more like women, why they ban cigarettes but encourage the use of hard drugs and pornography.

That site has been banned by Jews and others for saying things like this. There is some truth to what it says. There has been a feminization of men. Of those women politicians and pundits on tv, such as Kamala Harris or Nikki Haley, I have never heard any of them say anything interesting.


MikeAdamson said...

That rant was hilarious

CFT said...

Camille Paglia speaks about how the feminization of men is nothing new. It has happened many many times throughout history. It can be seen in ancient Greece, Rome, France, England, Germany, Unfortunately, it always precedes a societal collapse. As these societies slid into androgyny they thought very highly of themselves as increasingly sophisticated and cosmopolitan up until the point of cultural collapse.

There is a brief excerpt on Youtube if you are interested.
"Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse - Camille Paglia" She really gets into it around the 4:20 mark.