Friday, September 15, 2023

Apple aims to remove carbon

New Apple ad says:
Our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.
Apple is going to kill us all. Once carbon is removed from the atmosphere, all plant life on Earth will die.

The rest of the ad is worse. A Magic Negro is Mother Nature, and demands environmental sound bites. Tim Cook and some diverse actors say a lot of dopey things.

If you want to save the environment, it is never to pay big bucks for premium products. Everyone who gets a piece of that money is going to use it to consume resources. There is no way around that.

Apple also supports an assortment of destructive Leftist policies, such importing Third World folks into the USA where they will use 10x the resources.

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CFT said...

If CO2 goes below 180ppm, plants start to die.
Greenhouses frequently gin up the CO2 levels to thousands/ppm, this makes the plants grow faster and with less water and fertilizer, CO2 is basically plant food.

In the Earth's past, the CO2 levels were well over 3000ppm, and yet, mysteriously, the world did not go into a greenhouse gas heat spiral, which is what would have happened if the forced feedback loop claimed about CO2 was even remotely true. Geology has disproven CO2 as a controlling factor in temperature.