Sunday, September 10, 2023

Black Woman on the Moon will be Expensive

the Artemis program is supposed to land the first woman and person of color on the Moon. And it is a massive boondoggle:
In a new report, the federal department charged with analyzing how efficiently US taxpayer dollars are spent, the Government Accountability Office, says NASA lacks transparency on the true costs of its Space Launch System rocket program.

Published on Thursday, the new report (see .pdf) examines the billions of dollars spent by NASA on the development of the massive rocket, which made a successful debut launch in late 2022 with the Artemis I mission. Surprisingly, as part of the reporting process, NASA officials admitted the rocket was too expensive to support its lunar exploration efforts as part of the Artemis program.

"Senior NASA officials told GAO that at current cost levels, the SLS program is unaffordable," the new report states.

Maybe NASA should focus more on science, and less on diversity politics.

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CFT said...

I would ask again:
What scientific value is there in returning a human to the moon?

Unmanned probes are a far more reasonable solution IF there is a reason to do so.
At the present time, there really is no good reason to return to the moon other than bragging rights, which we presently can not afford to lay claim to.

I have no patience for 'wouldn't it be cool if???' manned space exploration.
Going into the radioactive vacuum of space is NOT a solution for the wistful suffering boredom unless the solution you have in mind is death.

Space exploration isn't for humans at the present, we simply can not afford it and there really is no useful point to it that can justify the cost. It's for unmanned probes.