Friday, September 08, 2023

Right to Criticize the Jewish Agenda

In understanding the Musk-ADL dispute, it is useful to look at the opinion of the world's worst anti-semite, the man that the ADL has had banned and deplatformed more than any other.

He writes:

Jewish Censorship is the Leading Cause of Anti-Semitism

... As explained above, there is no way to deny that the Jews, collectively, have an agenda and engage in a variety of behaviors to push this agenda. If we look at the ADL and the various other Jewish groups designed to push a Jewish agenda, we see that these Jews support:

  • Mass nonwhite immigration into white countries
  • Abortion and feminism more broadly
  • Homosexuality and the trans agenda, including child homosexuality and child trannies
  • “Civil rights” for the blacks, which now involve legalizing black crime
  • Sending huge amounts of American taxpayer dollars to fight various wars which are considered helpful to the interests of the Jews.

    And most importantly:

  • Silencing any attempt to criticize these agendas, or to identify these agendas as fundamentally Jewish in nature.

    It is that last thing that bothers people more than anything else. ...

    The most obvious example is that the ADL has demanded that Elon Musk censor the account “Libs of TikTok,” which is run by a Jewish woman who supports Israel. She is simply opposed to the trans agenda, as well as other “far-left” agendas that most Jews support. She probably also, presumably, would support banning criticism of Israel.

    There is no point in attempting to argue that you are not an “anti-Semite,” and there is no way to oppose the Jewish agenda while also attempting to avoid that label. This is because the label itself is designed to taint anyone who opposes the Jewish agenda. That is the only reason the term exists – it is a way for Jews to protect their agenda by destroying anyone who questions it.

    In order for this civilization to survive, we have to be able to criticize the Jews.

    We can say “I don’t hate the Jews,” but we cannot bargain with them for a right to oppose their agenda. They will not ever agree that any non-Jew has a right to criticize them, because they do not even believe we are human.

    The ADL’s leader, Jonathan Greenblatt, does not attempt to disguise the fact that he believes he is better than other people because of his Jewishness, that he has a right to control other people because he is Jewish.

  • There is no free speech, as long as this man is banned from Twitter and the other major platforms. And yes, the Jewish agenda must be criticized.


    MikeAdamson said...

    What is the Jewish agenda?

    CFT said...

    I know you are just trolling, but so be it.
    I would agree that Roger is not the most subtle with some of his 'THE Jews are coming' rhetoric, some of which I disagree strongly with. You can be rude however.. and still be correct.
    Just because someone is blunt doesn't mean they are entirely wrong.

    I come from a family that has long been in the intelligence gathering and analysis field. The laundry list you provide has interesting characteristics of a psyops strategy, as in 'almost identical' to various destabilizing strategies used by the Soviets (and our own CIA etc.) back in the day during the Cold War. This has been documented by the many intelligence assets who have defected from Russia over the years as well (Some of these people have been interviewed at great length and are actually on YouTube!).

    Now days various other governments and political factions are using the same tactics, so it gets murky on who is doing what, but the methods always largely consist of social engineering, media manipulation, subversion of public trust, and lots and lots of gaslighting.

    I have noticed that the strong indicators that people are being manipulated are when many people who don't seem too inspired or curious suddenly start using the same identical soundbite/slogan like sayings very repetitively, showing far more organization in the media's eye than their talent can account for, while at the same time attacking anyone who asks them to explain in more detail or even reveal where they got the idea. Appeals to authority are very prevalent to the point where merely to ask 'who said what?' becomes grounds for attacking someone.

    America has gone from a free speech country that embraces being open to many ideas, or at least to be aware of them, to one that embraces overt centralized censorship in the form of 'hate speech'. Hate speech is obviously a purely political methodology of control, being that the only ones allowed to invoke and weaponize it are always on the left end of the political spectrum.

    An excellent rule of thumb is: There are no valid arguments or words only one side is allowed to use, as this is just handicapping your opposition by verbally claiming moral superiority. When someone invokes such methods, ignore their demands and remind them they do not control the language, the words do not belong only to them.

    “If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise.”
    ― Tacitus

    "Monsieur l’abbé, je déteste ce que vous écrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer à écrire."
    Attributed more or less to Voltaire