Monday, January 25, 2021

Trump supported by multiracial Whiteness

Cristina Beltran, a "Latinx" professor of leftist identity politics grievances, writes a Wash. Post op-ed:
Yes, Trump’s voters — and his mob — are disproportionately White, but one of the more unsettling exit-poll data points of the 2020 election was that a quarter to a third of Latino voters voted to reelect Trump. ...

Multiracial whiteness promises Latino Trump supporters freedom from the politics of diversity and recognition. For voters who see the very act of acknowledging one’s racial identity as itself racist, the politics of multiracial whiteness reinforces their desired approach to colorblind individualism. In the politics of multiracial whiteness, anyone can join the MAGA movement

She explained further on NPR Radio.

She is on to something here. Her main point is that millions of White voters, and many non-white voters, refuse to play the identity politics games. They view racial identity politics as inherently racists, and they strive to be non-racist. So they object to racial quotas and other leftist demands of today.

People come to America to live in a White society, but what is the Whiteness that they crave? It is not the skin color. It is the culture, the civilization, the spiritual values, and everything else. It is sometimes called Christendom, or Western Civilization, or European Enlightment.

Here is a recent essay on what makes White societies. Actually, it is part 6 of a series of essay. Here is part 5. It's complicated, and it goes back many centuries. The origins are debatable. But everyone accepts that White societies are different, and skin color is one of the least significant of the differences.

So yes, there is multiracial Whiteness. Many non-whites have come to America and tried to be as culturally White as they can.

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