Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The 2020 election was extremely close

After previous Presidential elections, I have posted the margin of victory, defined as the number of votes needed to reverse the outcome.

According to my figures, the margin was about 80k votes in 2016. Closer elections were in 2000 (500 votes) and 1976 (18k votes).

So what was it this time? About 22k votes in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin, out of 158M cast nationwide, or 0.01%. That makes it the closest election in a century, except for 2000.

Politifact says that the margin was 66k votes. Based on this, and on data from non-decisive states, its fact-checker rates as 100% true Mitch McConnell's Senate statement that "This election actually was not unusually close."

I don't know which figure is better. Even if the 88k figure, the margin was only 0.04%. The election could have been reversed if only 1 out of 5000 voters flipped their votes. Wikipedia says that the margin was 43k, or 0.03%.

Here, I am accepting the reported vote totals. Maybe Trump did get those votes, but they were stolen. Maybe if those votes were flipped, the Democrats would have just planted more phony mail-in votes.

At any rate, McConnell's statement is not correct. This was one of the closest elections in all of American history. It was well within the margin that our electoral system cannot produce a trustworthy result.

So why would a Republican recite such silly Democrat propaganda? Maybe McConnell has been brainwashed by the mainstream media that has pretended that the election was not close. Or maybe McConnell is scheming to get rid of Trump, and become the highest ranking Republican official.

There are a lot of other Republicans who are scheming against Trump. They seem like traitors to me, but I do not know their motives.

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