Thursday, January 07, 2021

One party rule has begun

One party rule has begun with the shooting and killing of a Trump supporter.

The election was rigged in the sense that (1) 95% the institutional influencers, such a broadcast media, social media, newspapers, universities, Hollywood, Deep State, unions, etc were totally in the blue team; (2) the election was conducted as never before, in order to suit activists on the blue team; and (3) there were many vote-counting irregularities.

To this day, the blue team media claim that the election was free and fair, but I cannot find anywhere on the internet a detailed rebuttal of the allegations of stolen votes.

If the election were really free and fair, then it would be demonstrably so, with no secret software, observers sent home, counting hidden from video cameras, etc.

Instead, we have internet monopolies banning discussion of how unfair the voting was.

This is all going to get a lot worse.

Update: The K-12 school administrators are also on the blue team, as one county just sent out this letter about their propaganda plans:

Yesterday, we watched in horror and outrage as a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol in a deadly effort to disrupt the certification of the election victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It also left us with questions as educators and parents as to how we would help our youth and children make sense of this assault on our democracy. As educators, we are charged with the responsibility to educate students about the important history that shapes current events, ...

We are encouraging students expressing fear or distress about what they witnessed to reach out to their teacher, principal or counselor for support.

Here is a similar message. No, the assault on our democracy was the refusal to have a free and fair election according the longstanding procedures.
The disturbing images of an angry mob of armed white militants storming the halls of our democracy were blasted across screens today. Our nation has never witnessed an event like this in recent history and it’s difficult to make sense of the confusing, frightening scenes, let alone explain the situation to our children. ...

NEA offers the resources below on talking about white nationalism, racism, and violence with students and kids.

Just a few months ago, we had race riots that burned down buildings. All this angry mob did was break a few windows.

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