Monday, January 04, 2021

How our health experts failed us

I sometimes see people thanking Anthony Fauci, or the CDC or FDA or WHO, for work on COVID. Or schoolteachers for heroicly leading zoom classes.

I wonder why. Fauci is our highest paid federal govt employee, so he is already being compensated. Throughout 2020, he lied to us about masks, lockdowns, and herd immunity. When confronted, he would rationalize it by saying that he was moving the goalposts for the public good. The WHO is still lying to us about herd immunity.

It now appears that the school shutdowns were entirely unnecessary, and did no good in preventing disease.

And of course there were many other absurdities, such as encouraging BLM riots while shutting down all other gatherings.

I wonder what would have happened if we had no FDA, CDC, WHO, or Fauci.

The CDC blocked all COVID-19 testing because it said that it was developing its own test. Then it scrapped its test because it was contaminated. Without the CDC, we would have had private companies distributing tests in early 2020.

The FDA was sitting on large stockpiles of drugs that safely treat COVID-19, but blocked anyone from using them. Those drugs might have saved thousands of lives. The FDA even has rules that caused the trials to be delayed, in order to recruit more Hispanic Americans. Which is more important, approving a drug to save lives, or satisfying some stupid bureaucratic diversity quota?

The COVID-19 vaccines were developed in Jan. 2020. If there were no regulatory or legal impediments, they could have been marketed to the public in early 2020. Supplies would have been limited, and most people would probably not want an experimental vaccine. But many would, and if people saw that it was working, then the company would make a lot more and a lot more people would voluntarily get them.

Before you say that this would be unethically using the general public as guinea pigs, you should realize that these vaccines, and every other drug, gets tested on human subjects before approval. The FDA insists on supervising the process, and delaying everything for what is usually years. Under Operation Warp Speed, Pres. Trump reduced the process to about 11 months.

But even with the approvals, we are still stuck with sub-optimal procedures. For example, maybe we could save more people faster by giving single doses to everyone. We are only giving double doses because that was done during the FDA-testing phase. No one is allowed to revisit that thinking, even tho the testing showed that most of the benefit came from the first dose.

Letting the CDC prioritize vaccine distribution has resulted in policies that kill old folks because they are mostly White.

In short, we may have 200k more dead than what we would have had if the FDA and CDC did not exist.

Meanwhile, NY Times columnist David Brooks complains that Jewish brainwashing does not work:

This is the year that broke the truth. This is the year when millions of Americans — and not just your political opponents — seemed impervious to evidence, ...

So many of our hopes are based on the idea that the key to change is education. ...

It turns out that if you tell someone their facts are wrong, you don’t usually win them over; you just entrench false belief.

One of the most studied examples of this flawed model is racial diversity training.

He goes on to explain that if you force White Christians to sit in a class and be lectured that they are evil racists who owe something to Blacks, Moslems, and other groups, then they are unpersuaded.
Finally, our training model of “teaching people to be good” is based on the illusion that you can change people’s minds and behaviors by presenting them with new information and new thoughts. If this were generally so, moral philosophers would behave better than the rest of us. They don’t.
Brooks started the column talking about "truth". These classes do not teach truths. They try to manipulate with "new information and new thoughts". The new info is that Whites should accept Jews telling them that they are inferior to Blacks.

If you actually tell people the truth about Whites and Blacks, they accept it.

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