Friday, January 01, 2021

Argentina Finally Legalizes Abortion

Another country has abolished its religious scruples, and gone along with the globalist program for transforming society.

The problem here is not that millions of Catholic souls will end up in Limbo. They probably would have been going to Hell anyway, so Limbo might be a good deal.

No, the problem is neatly explained by this essay:

Abortion of course isn’t purely about ghoulishly slaughtering children, as many evangelicals would have you believe. It is about completely flipping upside-down the power dynamics of society.

Free abortion creates a situation where women have an unlimited, free-for-all type ability to use sex to influence and manipulate men. It also fully removes any and all responsibility from women, enabling them to act with absolute impunity, without worrying about the consequences of any action.

We’ve seen this process take place in every single country where women have been given rights: women take over the society, and then basically just totally destroy everything, even whilst it does not appear to benefit them collectively or individually.

Now, the rest of the Latin American nations which have held out against this global vaginal onslaught are going to begin falling like dominos, as everyone on the planet gets lined up to come together under this new banner of global tyranny.

Men get suckered into thinking that they can pretend to be supporting women's rights, and in reality getting worry-free sexual favors.

The author of the above wrote a good Christmas essay. For his opinions, he has been banned from the .com domain of the internet, from Google, from the banking system, and from social media. He has to hide out because of the harassing lawsuits against him.

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