Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Leftist professors under mind control

Left-wing intellectuals are really hard to understand sometimes. Here is an example of strange thinking.

Leftist-atheist-evolutionist professor Jerry Coyne writes:
1.) You are always acting under compulsion, whether someone holds a gun to your head, you’re mentally ill, or you’re acting according to what your brain has made you do. As Sam Harris notes, your deciding to drink a glass of milk was just as compelled as your doing something bad under external force. You don’t feel compelled when you do something like walk one way to work rather than another, but you are, because you’re simply following the logic of your brain circuitry and the “decision” it’s spit out.

4.) The concept of “moral responsibility” is injurious because it underlies a vindictive and retributive view of punishment.
At least he believes in free speech. That makes him better than a lot of other professors.

Outside academia, if someone says that voices in his head are making his decisions, then he gets diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I believe that Coyne and Harris are sincere when they say that they are compelled to do what they do. That means that they are compelled to convince everyone else that they have no free will either.

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