Monday, August 12, 2019

Dems want to eliminate our American culture

The top NY Times story reports:
A few days after, Rush Limbaugh issued a grim prognosis to his millions of radio listeners: If the immigrants from Central America weren’t stopped, the United States would lose its identity. “The objective is to dilute and eventually eliminate or erase what is known as the distinct or unique American culture,” Mr. Limbaugh said, adding: “This is why people call this an invasion.”

There is a striking degree of overlap between the words of right-wing media personalities and the language used by the Texas man who confessed to killing 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso this month. In a 2,300-word screed posted on the website 8chan, the killer wrote that he was “simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.”
If ten people say that it is raining, then maybe it is because it really is raining.

Here is a typical NY Times essay advocating replacing the American White population with non-whites. This view now permeates all the Democrat presidential candidates. They seek to use immigration and other means to invade America and replace Whites.

I am against killing people at Walmart, of course, but you have to expect Americans to describe what is happening.

Note how it deceptively says "screed posted on the website 8chan". The killer posted the essay on Instagram, a part of Facebook, and not to 8chan. The NY Times wants to ban free speech sites like 8chan, while Facebook gets a pass as long as it is run by leftists who promise to censor right-wingers.


MikeAdamson said...

White nationalists have described changing demographic patterns as "replacement" and "invasions" for years. The Times article is interesting because it identifies how vocabulary that was previously restricted to extremist believers is becoming mainstreamed through the popular conservative media in America and elsewhere. Now, extreme beliefs can be right but I am not persuaded that there's anything here except run of the mill xenophobia and racism being used to mobilize useful idiots. It certainly bears watching however.

Roger said...

What is new here is the Democrat Party is now in favor of open borders. No Democrat presidential candidate favors any reasonable limits on non-white immigration and refugees.

That is, the Democrats favor invasion and replacement. That is why people talk about the issue.

Roger said...

Please name any Democrat presidential candidate who advocates some reasonable limit on immigration. I cannot find any. Instead, all they talk about is abolishing ICE and other enforcement mechanisms.

"We can differ over what an appropriate immigration level"

Yes, but no Democrat is willing to enforce any reasonable immigration level.

Sure, calling the migrants "invaders" is polemical, but so is calling them "refugees".

I guess you are saying that we should take all children and all fleeing Central Americans. That is essentially the same as saying you are for open borders.

MikeAdamson said...

Reasonable is no doubt in the eye of the beholder but I don't see any Democrats calling for unlimited immigration, which is what I assume you mean by open borders. "Refugee" is a term defined in international law and treaties. Again, I don't see anyone advocating the elimination of criteria for determining the validity of any claim for asylum. I think that children of immigrants should have a claim to citizenship because they are present illegally through no fault of their own. We disagree on policy matters obviously but if conversations are going to be productive then we need to be discussing the facts and not the conspiracies.

Roger said...

Yes, all the Democrat presidential candidates are in favor of open borders. Not only that, but they all want to give free medical care to illegal aliens.

Maybe the children are here thru no fault of their own, but that is all the more reason to return them to their native countries.