Saturday, August 03, 2019

Critiquing White Genocide

Thomas Dalton writes:
Of late, much has been made in the alt-right press of the idea of “White genocide” as an existential threat posed by mainstream society, aimed at the obliteration of Whites in their formerly dominant homelands in Europe and North America. ...

While it is true that White rule in many nations is under threat, I think it is premature—at least in the coming decades—to decry the physical elimination of Whites anywhere. ... Real threats to White interests risk getting subsumed by bogus — or at least exaggerated — dangers.
He describes the commonly accepted definitions of the term "genocide", and goes on to propose a series of policies that would avert a White genocide.

Where he is not convincing is in his saying that his proposals are plausible. They would result in Civil War 2.0.

But then maybe we are headed for Civil War 2.0 anyway. The Democrats are promising open borders, and free health care for illegals. Those proposals would also have catastrophic consequences.

I think Dalton is on the wrong path, but so is everyone else. We need open public debate on these issues to get some constructive resolution.

Update: Dalton responds to critics.

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