Friday, August 23, 2019

Jews stoking White infighting

A NY Times op-ed:
White Supremacists Stole My Rabbi Husband’s Identity
The scheme, cooked up by 4chan trolls, sought to stoke Jewish infighting.
By Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt
Ms. Chizhik-Goldschmidt is an editor at The Forward. [a Jewish publication] ...

It was a Twitter profile with the name “David Goldberg.” The bio read: “Orthodox Jew against the apartheid state of Israel.” But the photograph was of my Jerusalem-born husband, Benjamin. ...

In other words, these avatars with fringe views were created with the express purpose of stoking ferocious fighting within the Jewish community by highlighting its most sensitive topics: Israel, Donald Trump and anti-Zionist Jews. ...

Those who seek to exploit this tension seek to turn the American Jewish community against itself. They threaten to permanently damage the communal consensus that fostered the emerging state of Israel in 1948, as Jews worldwide rallied for the right to a homeland in the wake of the Holocaust. And they shake the core of the very community that banded together, across all political and religious differences, to demand freedom for Soviet Jewry, an effort which allowed my own parents to escape from behind the Iron Curtain to freedom in 1979.
She is obviously a Jewish supremacist who thinks Jews should have more rights than anyone else. She says Jews have a right to a homeland, but not Whites. She thinks Soviet Jews had a right to emigrate, but not others.

One guy makes fun of her husband on Twitter, and she launches into a hysterical attack on some White conspiracy.

And she thinks Jews should stick together in their fights with White people.

If some White guy ever expresses the opinion that Whites should stick together, the NY Times and Jewish publications will attack him with their highest lever of ferocity.

If there is one common thread to NY Times editorial policy, it is to seek ethnic conflict and infighting among non-Jews. It does this on a daily basis. For example:
LexisNexis shows results for 190 NYT articles referring to African American enslavement in 2012. That number grew to 805 in 2018.
Why all the slavery articles? Just think about that.

This op-ed is just a complaint that such a policy would be used against Jews.

But no one is allowed to criticize the Jews. The Canadian Press reports:
The editor of a Toronto-based publication was handed the maximum one-year jail sentence on Thursday for promoting hatred against women and Jews.

In sentencing James Sears, Ontario court Judge Richard Blouin said he would have handed down a much stiffer sentence had the law allowed.
Here is the offending site. Some of it is funny. It is not clear how serious he is. In the USA, he would be protected under the First Amendment.

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