Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How Anthropology became Cultural Marxism

NPR Radio reports:
The Renegade Anthropologists Who Reinvented How We Think About Race & Gender

In his new book, 'Gods of the Upper Air,' Charles King tells the story of Franz Boas, Margaret Mead and the other 20th century anthropologists who challenged outdated notions of race, class and gender.
This is about how Jewish-led anthropologists help make white-hatred academically respectable, in the last century. They kept using terms like "outdated" to describe the views that prevailed previously, but they never found any scientific evidence that those views were shown to be wrong.

They studied primitive tribes, but it was all a ruse for making commentary on American society, and promoting their weirdo political and social ideas, according to the author.

The author also described bisexuality and infidelity on the part of Mead, and how she cooked up stories about primitive tribes in order to justify her feminist politics.

These were the most respected anthropologists of the XX century. The more I learn about these academic frauds, the harder it is to take the subject seriously.

What the interview does not address is why Jews would be so committed to this Boasian ideology, and why such quackery would be academically respected.

For alternate views, see Metapedia or Kevin MacDonald. They say, for example, that Boas was opposed to genetic research, as that could disprove his silly ideas about human nature.

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