Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hating white people at the farmers market

A NY Times article doxes and harasses some farmers at a market:
Schooner Creek’s owners deny being white supremacists, and say they keep their political beliefs out of the market. They have said on social media that they are being harassed, demonized and hounded out of the farmers’ market by left-wing activists because of “a handful of mildly pro-white comments.” They have not been accused of any wrongdoing or violence, and say they are the ones who have become victims of “the cult of the left.”
This is an amazing story of white people being hated for their skin color. Nobody would criticize non-whites for similar views.

As the Jewish media keeps expanding its definition of white supremacy, it appears that the entire farmers market business is white supremacist. Primarily liberal white people attend farmers markets. My hunch is that a lot of them go there specifically because they wish to shop in a community of white people.

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