Monday, June 20, 2016

Florida killer audio censored

One reason we get so many wacky crime stories out of Florida is that it has a very strong open records law. So mug shots, 911 calls, and police evidence are released to the public.

But in the case of the Orlando gay bar shooting, the Barack Obama administration is now censoring the 911 calls from the Afgan-American Moslem killer Mateen. The FBI says that he declares his allegiance to Islam, and the recording might give people the impression that Islam is a religion of violence. So it is being suppressed for the duration of a multi-year investigation.

We have one Presidential candidate who says that Islamic terrorism is a problem, and we have another who says that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and that we should ban guns instead.

We have a (((mainstream media))) trying to convince everyone that the massacre was caused by guns, Republicans, American schools, homophobia, racism, etc. Maintaining their power depends on keeping people brainwashed.

Ask yourself: Why is it taking years for the FBI to figure out what Donald Trump deduced within an hour of the news of the shooting? The answer is that destroying Christendom requires concealing the motives of the lizard people.

Update: The censored portion has supposedly now been released.

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