Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Science of physiognomy

CH argues:
Pman sells the science of physiognomy short. There’s evidence (re)emerging from the labcoats’ mental masturbatoriums that a person’s looks do say something about his politics, smarts, personality, and even his propensity to crime. Stereotypes don’t materialize out of thin air, and the historical wisdom that one can divine the measure of a man (or a woman) by the cut of his face has empirical support.

For instance, facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR) is a reliable cue to dominant social behavior in men. Another study found that wide-faced men are untrustworthy. You CAN judge a book by its cover: ugly people are more crime-prone.

Shitlibs have a look. Shitlords have a look. And you can predict with better than 50/50 chance which 2016 presidential candidate a person supports based on nothing more than their photograph.

Physiognomy is real. It needs to come back as a legitimate field of scientific inquiry, and the snarling equalists who lied and slandered good men to suppress the investigation of physiognomy should have their faces rubbed in the realtalk. Physiognomy isn’t just an illusion of confirmation bias, or of backwards rationalization of evoked emotions. The connection between facial appearance and character is observable and measurable, not a figment of cognitive self-bias. There are exceptions, of course, but the existence of exceptions should not be used as an excuse to sweep the reality of the rule under the rug.
The CH blog has its own jargon that makes it hard for outsiders to read. Sometimes I think that he does this deliberately, because the typical blue-pill reader will not grasp his points, and be offended by his posts. His jargon is a way of directing his message at those who will get it.

Part of the purpose of Uber and Airbnb is to let the vendors and customers see each other before making a deal.

The leftist egalitarians complain that it is discrimination to judge someone based on appearance. Of course it is. It is also essential to human civilization.

Americans get taught in kindergarten to treat everyone alike, and not to make any judgments based on appearance. This goes against science, and against human nature. Adults who say this stuff are just mindlessly reciting what they learned in kindergarten. It is nearly impossible to reason with such people because they are brainwashed. They have a kindergarten morality that is ingrained like a religion. Most people do not critically examine their religious beliefs. When someone has been sticking to a belief since an early age, even in the face of obvious counterexamples, he will probably not be persuaded by any logical argument.

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