Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We are better than this

I listened to Hillary Clinton victory speech. Her biggest point was all about having a woman nominee is a feminist milestone.

Okay, fine, but is there any reason to vote for her?

She started to credit those who influenced her, but there was no credit for her husband Bill or for any man. It was all women, all the way. She gave sort of a backhanded compliment to Sanders, but only to the extent that she wants to pick up his voters.

There was no mention of her foreign policy or any other of her disastrous policy ideas.

She launched personal attacks on Donald Trump. She accused him of using code words, and said that she wanted to build bridges not walls.

Trump does not use code words. He is the best straight talker in politics today. The wall is not a code word. He wants to build a wall.

It is safe to assume that Clinton is using code words. She is not going to build bridges, as that is just a code word. It is code for importing Third World migrants to kill your sons and rape your daughters.

All of the news media commentators I heard were praising Clinton. The authoritarian left controls most of the news media, I guess.

That woman disgusts me.

I am also disgusted by all the Republican and cuckerservatives who rushed to the defense of the judge in the Trump U. case, just because he is a Mexican-American. None of them have any defense for the rulings that Trump was criticizing.

Judge Curiel belongs to the Mexican equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan. It promotes the Mexican race over whites and others.

Look at the judges that Democrats appoint. I cannot remember the last time a Democrat appointed a white male Christian to the US Supreme Court. Maybe 50 years ago? I will have to look it up. Clinton, Obama, and all the others insist on appointing non-whites for ideological reasons. If the non-whites really judge the same, then why make such an effort to appoint them?

So I would not be surprised at all if this Judge Curiel were appointed for his hatred of white people, and if he is unfairly biased against Trump.

Paul Ryan is related by marriage to a black woman federal judge. So maybe he thinks that non-white affirmative action judges should not be criticized. So for that he tries to sabotage the Republican nominee? Ryan is a creep. Even if Trump loses the election, he will have done a public service by exposing traitors like Ryan.

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