Sunday, June 19, 2016

Famous feminist reveals damaged family

The lead book review in today NY Times is of a new memoir by man-hating feminist (((Susan Faludi))).

Previous books have trash her father as embodying all the evils of the patriarchy. Now she decides that he is not so bad, because in his 70s he traveled to Thailand to have his genitals chopped off, and now he is dead.

She says "she was born in Hungary", referring to her father. She says that his/her real name is Friedman, and he/she were from a wealthy Jewish family.

The NY Times caters to a Jewish audience, and celebrates this sort of story. This hits many of their favorite themes: Jewish, leftist, man-hating, emasculated man, family betrayal, social destruction, America-hating, Holocaust reminder, bitter feminist, sordid, etc.

The NY Times promotes this book with an author interview and rave review. Actually I didn't read the review, and I am just judging by the interview. What is so great about this garbage? This is the sad story of mental illness and emotional damage. I think that this is more evidence of control by lizard people.

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