Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Freddie Gray defendant acquitted

The Democrat race war is based on convincing non-whites that they are being persecuted, as shown by cases like Trayvon Marton, Ferguson Mo, and Freddie Gray. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have personally said things to encourage race riots.

I have always assumed that some blacks are mistreated, by why can't the Democrats and (((news media))) find any examples?

Another genius physicist has joined the Trump-haters:
Letter to My Friends, by Leonard Susskind

I’m watching this thing that’s happening with disbelief, dismay, and disgust. There is a lunatic loose — I’m sure we all agree about that — but I keep hearing people say that they can’t vote for Hillary. ...

The lunatic may be just that — a lunatic—but he is also a master of smear and innuendo. He is a gigantic liar, and he knows that if you keep saying something over and over, it sticks in people’s minds. It’s called the Big Lie, and it works. Say it enough and it sows confusion and distrust, not only among the know-nothings, but even among those who know better.

The lunatic and his supporters are exceedingly dangerous. Tell your friends: don’t be fooled. The only thing between us and the lunatic is Hillary. Get off your ass and vote in Nov.

Leonard Susskind
Director, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Stanford University
There is no real argument here, except the opinion that everyone agrees that Trump is a lunatic.

(((Susskind))) is a well-respected theoretical physicist, but he is mainly known for work that has no relation to the real world, such as info leaking out of black holes. It is not mathematically rigorous either.

I mentioned other genius Trump-haters, who also rely on simply saying that all their friends are against Trump.

Is this really the best they can do with their 180 IQ?

If he said that an asteroid were going to destroy the Earth, then I would expect some verifiable evidence, and an estimate of the damage. What damage will a Trump candidacy cause?

No explanation is given. My inference is that it is all part of hating white people.

All of the experts, political leaders, globalists, super-rich, and other elites have been telling Britain that it has to stay in the EU. Pollsters and bettors were saying that it would vote to remain. It has now voted to leave. This is amazing. The British people have voted to stand up for their national self-interest, over the advice of the elites who have been selling them out. America needs to do the same in November.

Update: Lenny defends his letter, but only with arguemnts to appeal to brainless leftists.


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"What damage will a Trump candidacy cause?"

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