Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What we mean by America First

Donald Trump summarizes what his campaign is about in a speech today:
Our country lost its way when we stopped putting the American people really first. We have to go back to putting our American people first.

We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism – focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class – to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to foreign countries all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy.

We reward companies for offshoring, and we punish companies for doing business in America and keeping our workers employed. They get punished!

This is not a rising tide that lifts all boats. This is a wave of globalization that wipes out our middle class and our jobs.

We need to reform our economic system so that, once again, we can all succeed together, and America can become rich again.

That’s what we mean by America First.
This is the essence of why Trump is such a timely and important candidate. Everyone else has abandoned Americanism for globalism.

Putting America First should be the top job requirement for the President. It swamps all other issues. Why vote for a candidate who does not put America First? Hillary Clinton and the anti-Trump Republicans just seem like traitors in comparison.

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