Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thumbs up for Angry Birds

I just watched the new Angry Birds movie, and it was refreshingly different. A 2-year-old can appreciate it without being subjected to the usual man-hating Disney propaganda about lesbian princesses. It is loosely based on the popular Android/Apple phone game.

The hero of the movie is an angry bird who is ignored when he raises concerns about illegal alien pigs from another island. Leftists, feminists, and SJWs tolerate the pig visitors, but send their fellow bird to a humiliating anger management class. The birds do not wise up until the pigs steal their eggs and threaten to eat their babies.

The pigs are also perverts who read "Fifty Shades".

Even then, the dumb majority of birds would have let the pigs get away with it, until the hero angry bird convinces them to go to the pig island and wage war to get their eggs back.

A dormant American bald eagle also rises to heroically take the birds and eggs back to their home island.

I don't know how the Hollywood thought police let this film out of the can. Maybe today's 2-year-olds will watch this and grow up to be patriotic Americans.

Donald Trump just said that Citizen Kane is his favorite movie. Maybe he would have said Angry Birds, if he had seen it.

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Anonymous said...

The writers, CGI people and animators are simply brilliant these days. Meanwhile, the Googles of the world can't even put a skin on a command-line. Educators can't even animate a PowerPoint presentation. Software people can't even create fun educational games beyond baby apps.